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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Michelle Paris

The Early Years

Dr. Michelle Paris

Dr. Michelle Paris

Armed with an unrealistic and minimally valuable undergraduate degree in opera performance and business, Dr. Paris moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to learn Spanish and get a tan.  After 4 years cultivating a working ability to speak the language and the realization that sun is bad for skin, she decided to move to San Francisco and go back to school to study science; it seemed suitably challenging and a serious departure from art, literature and the beach.

Chronic Migraine Headaches Went Away

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, San Francisco seemed bizarre and wild and exciting.  She wanted to try many of the crazy things that Californians found natural.  She ate sushi (before it became mainstream),  joined a co-op (before they became commonplace),  hugged a tree and bought granola, had a session with a ‘psychic’, cut her hair on an angle, painted acrylic on canvas ‘art’ in the sun on her patio and went to visit a Chiropractor.  She thought trying this airy-fairy quasi-medical thing was edgy and hip.  She didn’t have any complaints; she was just doing it to try something new.  Imagine her utter and complete surprise when after 4 treatments for nothing in particular; her chronic migraine headaches went away.

The Absence of Pain

Like most people, she didn’t notice the absence of pain until one day she opened the medicine cabinet and saw the Excedrin that she hadn’t taken for a very long time.  A few months later she did get another headache and this time, reached for the Chiropractor’s number instead of the bottle.  The combination of the myriad of science courses she had been taking and the end of chronic headaches was profound enough to make her decide to… go to Medical School!  Can you believe it? Read more…

Being Obsessive and Compulsive

Dr. Paris volunteered in a hospital and followed doctors around enough to realize that she didn’t want to spend life attached to a prescription pad.  And then somehow her intellect caught up with life experience and she enrolled in Chiropractic college.

Dr. Michelle Paris graduated valedictorian of her class with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California in 1994. She has an undergraduate degree in Opera performance and business administration from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and is currently working on a Masters in Education at University of Texas. Dr. Paris has been a chiropractor in San Francisco since 1995 specializing in dance and sports medicine, cumulative trauma injuries to the upper extremity, headaches, diet and exercise protocols as well as musculoskeletal issues.  She has worked with the San Francisco ballet and other performing arts organizations and with athletes who need to maintain peak performance. She has practiced in Austin since 2009 in the Mueller development.

She currently is a frequent contributor to several magazines and radio shows. She has been profiled in Austin MD magazine and teaches continuing education courses for chiropractors. She is one of the top experts in Leg Length Discrepancy in the world.

Dr. Paris moved to Austin in 2007 to get away from earthquakes, crime and poor schools.  Now she’s afraid of tornadoes.  Dr. Paris has a 12 year old son Max and a 9 year old daughter Margo.  Both are in a Spanish immersion school program and speak Mandarin and are learning Hebrew. Though Dr. Paris is proficient in the Spanish, the kids can now tell secrets in front of her using their other languages!

Graston Technique

To further her manual therapy goals, Dr. Paris studied Graston Technique ( which is a soft tissue rehabilitation protocol designed to effectively restore function following traumatic or cumulative injury. She and the massage therapists utilize this therapy for specific types of soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Merrick Fisher

Dr. Merrick Fisher

Dr. Merrick Fisher

Dr. Merrick Fisher grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma and earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma.  She initially wanted to be a clinical psychologist but when she started looking at graduate schools her junior year at O.U she accidentally stumbled upon the Parker University website, located in Dallas, Texas.  Her father is a medical doctor who routinely refers his patients to chiropractors so she asked him what he thought about this career choice.  He highly encouraged her to check it out, so she followed a local chiropractor and fell in love with this form of effective and natural healthcare.

Merrick earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Parker University and immediately moved to Austin to start helping as many people as she could.  After 5 years of practicing, she and her husband decided it was time to start their family. For the past year she has been engulfed in the world of playing mommy to their lovely son Omar.  Now Dr. Fisher is ready to share and promote health again and is really looking forward to being a part of Whole Family Chiropractors.

When she is not at the office she enjoys spending time with her family, catching live music and theatrical shows, playing the piano, and caring for her kitties.

Dr. Fisher is extraordinarily gifted; not only is she genuinely caring and filled with intention, but she is very sharp, friendly and an awesome adjuster!


Our Goal at Whole Family Chiropractors

Our goal is to help as many people as we can.  Sometimes it is by our work, sometimes it’s by referring to other professionals and other times it’s simply by us empowering you to take better care of yourself.  Regardless, we’re here to listen, advise and provide you with the tools you need to make the best decisions for you.[/toggle]

The Doctor’s true passion is a holistic approach to health care that places the patient in the drivers seat and assists them in reaching their goals by caring for the whole person. Using techniques designed to address preventative and wellness health concerns may include lifestyle modification, education, goal-setting, wellness coaching as well as classic chiropractic and physiotherapeutic treatments.

We would love to meet you and answer your questions. Give our Mueller office a call or send us an email today.