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Meet the Whole Family Chiropractors Team

Khrysten Hollis, Billing Manager

Khrysten Hollis is a graduate in Health Care Administration from Virginia College and a certified Medical Biller and Coder. She is a native small town Texan from Odessa, and has lived in Austin with her two kids for three years. She comes to us with years of medical experience but most recently billing and coding for Neurosurgeons who are friends of Dr. Paris’ in the Austin area.

Though she had no prior work experience in chiropractic, Khrysten and her children have received chiropractic care for years, and she a proponent in the ideal of natural healthcare without drugs or surgery whenever possible. Khrysten just had her 3rd child and is currently working from home while on maternity leave.  The overachiever she is, Khrysten also has her own photography business and loves adventuring with her kids.

Whole Family Chiropractors is the ideal spot for her because we truly are a big family and we treat the whole family!

Khrysten Hollis

Stephanie Gutierrez, Lead Chiropractic Assistant

Stephanie Gutierrez has been working with Whole Family since 2013. Originally an intern from Virginia College in medical assisting, we liked her so much that we have kept her ever since. During the first educational seminar we attended, Stephanie couldn’t have a glass of wine with dinner because she wasn’t even 21 yet!

Stephanie is from Taylor, TX, has 3 sisters, one dog and one boyfriend.  She has come to see the amazing ways that Chiropractic changes lives and is very happy to be an integral part of our team. We love her too!

Stephanie Gutierrez

Scott Donna, Chiropractic Assistant

Scott Donna is currently a Health Science major at South University in Round Rock. Scott is a native Texan and has lived in Austin for 20 years.  He is excited to join Whole Family Chiropractors and learn more about natural healing. We are happy to have him now to help cover Khrysten’s maternity leave. (She wasn’t scheduled to take leave until mid-September, so Scott will be learning on the fly!)

In his former lives, Scott has been a bartender, a handyman, a sound engineer, a physical therapy tech and a receptionist. He is currently following a passion to help others heal physically and mentally. He has a dog named Artemis, and loves playing guitar and woodworking.

Scott Donna

Alexa Manza, Operations

Now Alexa can be found most days in the office itself, actually doing Whole Family work. Alexa is Dr. Paris’ executive assistant, but she seldom has time to pick up her dry cleaning or make travel arrangements any longer.

Alexa was a patient for 2 years before coming to work for Dr. Paris and has now been an integral part of the team for over 4 years. She believes in the whole body healing of chiropractic and liked the clinic and the doctor so much she talked herself into a job. Therefore she finds herself wearing many hats, like IT, maintenance, billing, staffing, web guru, shopper, etc. Alexa lives in Austin with her husband and son. She is from Killeen, TX

Alexa Manza

Max and Margo

Max and Margo are Dr. Paris’ kids. They have been adjusted since birth and have also been helping their mother for many years. Currently they both pass out fliers, sort mail, model exercises for video and listen to Dr. Paris talk about various business issues and physical conditions. They have very good insights and are learning many things about being a chiropractor and running a business. A few times a week they make dinner and have it ready for Mom when she comes home from work.


Max is 13 and in the 8th grade. His extracurricular interests include video editing, basketball and accumulating shoes. Max actively works in the office by editing video and photos, suggesting Facebook copy and coming up with ideas to make patients more comfortable; researching colored water cups, creating music playlists, suggesting toys for kids.

Margo is 10 and in 6th grade. She has been actively learning Quickbooks and helping upload and download transactions as well as reconciling the monthly financial reports. Soon she will be managing the accounting for Whole Family Chiropractors. Margo also helps with playlists and copy writing. She is an exceptional writer of fiction stories and is also interested in Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball and clothes.

Max, Margo and Dr. Paris

Anna Suarez, LMT

Anna Suarez, born here in Austin Texas; has lived in Houston, Dallas, San Jose, Philadelphia. Los Angeles and Mexico City. She has worked as a teacher, bus driver, stay-at-home mom (her favorite), and various office positions.

As a child, Anna was raised within an atmosphere of healers. Her grandfather, who immigrated to this country from the Canary Islands, was a healer and lecturer. Her other grandfather, Dr. Roy E. LeMond, D.C., was a Palmer graduate and practiced in Austin.


He and his fellow “quack-opractors”, as they were referred to in those days, were instrumental in lobbying the 51st legislation to pass and enact the bill that created the first Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners; he held license #10. In addition Anna has had 3 aunts, a great uncle, and her mom’s brother who all were practicing chiropractors. You could say Anna had a well-adjusted childhood!

Finding herself at a career crossroads, a friend who knew Anna’s propensity to sense tension in a person’s body and want to do something to alleviate that tension, suggested she attend massage school. Since 1992 she has been relieving aches and pains and facilitating healing ever since. Her continuing education includes, but is not limited to: pre-natal massage, cranial sacral therapy, acupressure, reflexology and neuromuscular therapy. She has worked with some of the best chiropractors in clinical settings as well as maintaining a thriving private practice with many clients she has seen for over 12 years.

Anna is excited to be working with Dr. Paris, Dr. Fisher, the other massage therapists, and all the wonderful women in the front office. It is truly a great healing facility.

Anna Suarez

Marques Johns, LMT

A native of Texas, though recently returning from working in Chicago, Marques has been serving the Austin community since 2006 as a massage therapist. He began training in myofascial release and structural dysfunction therapy in 2007.

He is able to quickly adapt and apply various techniques seamlessly into his scope of knowledge in dealing with numerous structural dysfunctional issues which proven have to be highly effective for our patients. He can assess and treat many soft tissue problems while at the same time educating the patient to give them an understanding of how the dysfunction has been established, as well as helping each individual learn measures of self care that can reduce and sometimes reverse their situation.


Working in conjunction with Dr. Paris and the other therapists, he is happy to have joined our team and has quickly become an integral part of Whole Family. Marques’ ultimate goal is to help facilitate a rebalancing of the musculoskeletal system, educate the people he treats so that they are equipped with a better knowledge of self-care to prevent structural abnormalities, and doing so in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and professional.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for Massage therapy, call or email us!

Marques Johns

Angel Gammel, LMT

Angel has a wide background in bodywork which started with Martial Arts. His father was a martial artist and Angel began practicing Tae Kwan Do and Judo at an early age. In the Army, he was a combat medic. In Martial Arts, when you learn to ‘break it’ you also need to learn to ‘fix it’! This experience in conjunction with medic and professional massage certification creates a strong integrated physiology expert with compassion and the experience of working not to just reduce pain, but to optimize form and function.


Angel graduated valedictorian from Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and has been working privately and for clinics for several years, He is also a graduate of The Aveda Institute and has a degree in History. He integrates his working knowledge of anatomy and physiology incorporating both western and eastern perspectives into his clinical therapeutic massage services. While looking to expand the therapeutic aspect of his massage skills, Angel is very excited to join the Whole Family team and believes that working with patient’s full circle is his real passion. We are happy to welcome him to our practice!
Angel Gammel


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