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Expert Massage Therapy in Central Austin

Muscles move bones. Sometimes merely adjusting bones doesn’t allow for quick or completely effective treatment. Therefore, we offer highly skilled and targeted myofascial treatments as an adjunct to manipulation.

Therapeutic massage as a complement to chiropractic facilitates the natural healing process by addressing the musculo-skeletal components from both sides; muscles and skeleton. The therapeutic effects of massage alone include relaxation, improved circulation, diminished muscle pain, improvement of cellular nutrition and relieve from stress and anxiety. Massage increases the effectiveness of chiropractic by aiding the body in preparing for adjustments, promoting free nerve flow, and helping increase circulation.

Sometimes we will recommend a concentrated period of both massage and chiropractic in the beginning and other times we’ll recommend one or the other. Dr. Paris can help assess which treatment courses will be most beneficial to you.

Not Just for Patients!

Our ‘hand-picked’ therapists are continually updating their education and skills. We have master’s classes regularly where we share techniques and discuss cases. Though some or all of therapeutic bodywork may be covered by insurance if you are a patient, many people come to the office just for top quality exceptional massage therapy.

Massage appointments are available by appointment 7 days a week.

Meet the Therapists

Joseph Cain, LMT (Lead Therapist)

Central Austin massage therapist, Joseph CainJoseph believes passionately in the body’s ability to heal itself and the role massage therapy and bodywork can play in facilitating that transformation.

After completing his training in San Antonio TX at the Neuromuscular Concepts Massage School and Clinic Joseph’s passion has led him into numerous studies in the areas of: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang, Myofascial release, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Pre-natal massage.

Joseph gained extensive experience in medical massage modalities during his 8 years working side by side with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in a well-respected spine and rehabilitation center. This clinical aspect combined with 9 years in the spa and wellness industry allows him to customize sessions from deep work to all about relaxation when that is what the day calls for.

A session with Joseph can very well be described as a fusion of therapies. A broad knowledge of the human body and it’s functions combined with an array of powerful techniques, intuitive hands and exceptional focus create a holistic body work experience delivered from the heart.

“I love doing an Esalen treatment to help restore a persons sense of balance and wholeness. In over seventeen years of practice I have participated in the healing process of thousands of people. This has been one of the greatest gifts to my life”.

Though Joseph maintains a private practice, he has joined Whole Family Chiropractors to work directly with patients and to integrate into a truly clinical setting.

Central Austin LMT, Vivian Ortega

Vivian Ortega, LMT

Vivian comes to us from Portland, OR where she has practiced since 1998. She has worked with athletes, motor vehicle accident victims, and geriatric clients. Vivian is a specialist in complicated conditions of the shoulder, knee and pelvis.

Since moving to Austin, Vivian had been searching for the right therapeutic clinical environment in which to practice her skills. We at Whole Family Chiropractors are as pleased to add her to our team as she is to be working alongside Dr. Paris.

Central Austin LMT, Marques Johns

Marques Johns

A native of Texas, though recently returning from working in Chicago, Marques has been serving the Austin community since 2006 as a massage therapist. He began training in myofascial release and structural dysfunction therapy in 2007. He is able to quickly adapt and apply various techniques seamlessly into his scope of knowledge in dealing with numerous structural dysfunctional issues which proven have to be highly effective for our patients. He can assess and treat many soft tissue problems while at the same time educating the patient to give them an understanding of how the dysfunction has been established , as well as helping each individual learn measures of self care that can reduce and sometimes reverse their situation.  Working in conjunction with Dr. Paris and the other therapists, he is happy to have joined our team and has quickly become an integral part of Whole Family.

Marques’ ultimate goal is to help facilitate a rebalancing of the musculoskeletal system, educate the people he treats so that they are equipped with a better knowledge of self-care to prevent structural abnormalities, and doing so in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and professional.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for Massage therapy, call Whole Family Chiropractors (512) 505-8500 or email.

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