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The Kids

Do kids need chiropractic?

It depends. Children who run and play, get plenty of sleep, play sports and don’t carry heavy backpacks are probably as full of good health as they seem. But chiropractic has been shown to be highly effective for juvenile allergies, asthma, ear infections and even growing pains, in many cases. For example, if asthma is exacerbated by restriction at the thoracic joints that supply nervous system functions to the lungs, chiropractic treatment that loosens this restriction often eases asthma. Chiropractic is also excellent for sports injuries and other traumas and can be an excellent alternative to medication for children. We also do AISD school sports participation physicals.

Chiropractic is Safe & Effective

Chiropractic is safe and effective for many conditions. We are always realistic and honest about its limitations, and happy to work with your pediatrician to help your children be healthy.

Dr. Paris is available to speak to schools, parents and teams about preventing injury and the specific physical limitations that children (and their parents) need to be aware of.

As a parent herself, Dr. Paris has a deep interest in the wellness care of kids and personal experience. Her daughter, Margo, was slated to have tubes inserted into her ears for chronic infection and hearing loss. Dr. Paris decided to take three weeks to try something else—she adjusting Margo daily, took her off dairy, and added pro-biotics to her diet. Three weeks later, the audiologist confirmed that Margo no longer had an infection and that her hearing had returned completely. Since then, Dr. Paris has helped many children avoid surgery with a similar approach.

Most interesting is that kids seem to know when they need to be treated. It is common that after the first or second treatment, children will tell their parents that they want to go to the chiropractor. They jump up on the table, get treated, and go about their lives until they ask to come back.

More chronic conditions do require a specific treatment plan like we’d give to an adult. But occasional, minor, growing-up aches and pains are typically handled on an as-needed basis.

Dr. Paris is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association ( and keeps abreast of the latest literature.

If you would like to learn more or book an appointment for your child, call Whole Family Chiropractors today.

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