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The Parent

A mother herself, Dr. Paris understands the specific physical demands of hauling kids from home to school to extra-curricular activities. More than ninety-percent of mothers carry their young children on their left hip, a biological adaptation that places the heart of the mother close to that of the child, but can also lead to spinal strain, asymmetrical muscle development, pain and even lasting physical limitation. Other typical care-taking activities such as bending, stooping, lifting and spinning in circles to scramble eggs while also pouring milk put as much pressure on the spine over time as intense athletic training. It’s important that parents stretch before and after tasks such as lifting a child into a car seat, and that they get proper care to counteract the effects of repetitive, asymmetrical strain. Dr. Paris uses techniques to redress the stress of daily parenting tasks and she helps clients approach parenting as a specific exercise requiring conditioning.

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