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Meet the Whole Family Chiropractors Team

Alexa Manza, Operations and PI Manager

Alexa was a patient for 2 years before coming to work for Dr. Paris and had been an integral part of the team for over 6 years. She believes in the whole body healing of chiropractic and liked the clinic and the doctor so much she talked herself into a job. She found herself wearing many hats, like IT, maintenance, billing, staffing, web guru, shopper, etc. and eventually became the executive assistant and operations manager. In late 2017 her husband Pete was offered a new job in London, England. Alexa and their son moved in early 2018. Lucky for us, they just returned in late October and you can find her in the office every day!

Alexa Manza, Operations and PI Manager

Katharine Bills, Chiropractic Assistant

Katharine Bills was born in Houston but has traveled extensively. Her mother was a teacher and decided to home school her by having her learn around the world. Being young and beautiful, Kat came to RejuvaWell as a patient. Though she was already beautiful, we agreed to help her along just a wee bit more. She was so excited by her treatments here, that she asked if she could intern, just to learn. Then, unfortunately, she got into a car accident and became a chiropractic patient. So obviously, she wanted to learn everything about chiropractic and has now become an integral part of the team. She is trained as a chiropractic and medical assistant, CPR, and BLS certified for health care providers, and is learning x-ray. She does great DermaSweep, Fire & Ice, and AquaGold facial treatments as well as being certified to perform all of our body sculpting services.

In her spare time, Kat enjoys sleeping and eating. No really, she does! But she also likes to spend time learning all about chiropractic and aesthetics and has now decided this is the profession she will pursue in her future. We are thrilled to have her with us.

Katharine Bills, Chiropractic Assistant

Carly Goss, Chiropractic Assistant

Carly is a native Austinite and is thrilled to have joined our team in November of 2019. After playing roller derby for several years and waking up with daily pain at just fifteen years old, she finally found chiropractic care as her saving grace. She is now studying Human Biology and working towards a chiropractic degree so that she can bring others the same relief that she has discovered. She wanted experience working in a progressive, holistic, and exceptional chiropractic office, and found that at Whole Family Chiropractors.

In her spare time, Carly and her dog, Buddy, seek adventure- trying new things and new places every chance they get.

Carly G.

Martha Lipscomb, Licensed Aesthetician

Martha Lipscomb, licensed aesthetician joins RejuvaWell and Whole Family Chiropractors with a broad range of experience and a great attitude! She has many years of personal and professional experience in aesthetics. Martha struggled with acne and finds it a passion to help others who face skin issues also. A wealth of knowledge, she can assist with procedures, products and information on what you can do at home for yourself.

Martha has also worked as a product manager and in client relations. She is quick with a smile and eager to help.

Born and raised Ecuador, she is fluent in Spanish and moved to the United States 16 years ago. Martha has a black lab who’s name is Charlie who likes to run with her and head out for a hikes. They both love Austin.

Martha is really excited to have found our multidisciplinary clinic and we are equally excited to have her join our team. Come see her for Dermasweep, Fire and Ice Facial and Cryofacials.

Martha Lipscomb, Licensed Aesthetician

Anna Suarez, LMT

Anna Suarez, born here in Austin Texas; has lived in Houston, Dallas, San Jose, Philadelphia. Los Angeles and Mexico City. She has worked as a teacher, bus driver, stay-at-home mom (her favorite), and various office positions. As a child, Anna was raised within an atmosphere of healers. Her grandfather, who immigrated to this country from the Canary Islands, was a healer and lecturer. Her other grandfather, Dr. Roy E. LeMond, D.C., was a Palmer graduate and practiced in Austin.


He and his fellow “quack-opractors”, as they were referred to in those days, were instrumental in lobbying the 51st legislation to pass and enact the bill that created the first Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners; he held license #10. In addition, Anna has had 3 aunts, a great uncle, and her mom’s brother who all were practicing chiropractors. You could say Anna had a well-adjusted childhood! Finding herself at a career crossroads, a friend who knew Anna’s propensity to sense tension in a person’s body and want to do something to alleviate that tension, suggested she attend massage school. Since 1992 she has been relieving aches and pains and facilitating healing ever since. Her continuing education includes, but is not limited to: pre-natal massage, cranial sacral therapy, acupressure, reflexology and neuromuscular therapy. She has worked with some of the best chiropractors in clinical settings as well as maintaining a thriving private practice with many clients she has seen for over 12 years. Anna is excited to be working with Dr. Paris, Dr. Fisher, the other massage therapists, and all the wonderful women in the front office. It is truly a great healing facility.

Anna Suarez, LMT

Cathryn Camisa, LMT

As a professional massage therapist and physical therapist assistant for over 25 years, Cathryn is holistically focused and specializes in Structural, Trager, Swedish, Myofascial and Deep Tissue clinical manual therapy.

She uses an integrative approach that blends traditional massage and advanced manual therapy with facilitated movement techniques and self-care mobilization strategies. Cathryn’s skills combine traditional Physical Therapy, with advanced manual therapy training and movement-based practices, such as Tai Chi, Trager, Alexander Technique, NDT, Feldenkrais and breathwork.

Brand new to Austin, Cathryn is so happy to have found Whole Family Chiropractors as her new home and we are lucky to have her working with us!

Cathryn Camisa, LMT

Julie Wortman, LMT

Julie Wortman, LMT, comes to Austin as a transplant from Massachusetts. She has been a massage therapist since 2006 and her concentration has always been towards a therapeutic approach using focused, specific work for injuries and muscle restrictions while keeping in mind the interconnections of body mechanics. Julie enjoys watching a client improve over the course of their sessions, and knowing she has made a difference in their lives. She is happy to join Whole Family Chiropractors where she is able to use a team approach to health and healing. READ MORE ABOUT JULIE »

When not in the clinic helping patients feel their best, Julie can be found on nature trails with her two Australian Shepherds or cooking at home with her husband. She has also been a florist since 2004, and currently helps brides’ floral dreams become reality.

Julie Wortman, LMT

Marques Johns, LMT

A native Texan who spent several years honing his massage skills in Chicago, Marques returned to serving the Austin community in 2006 as a clinical manual therapist. He began training in myofascial release and structural dysfunction therapy in 2007 and has been at Whole Family Chiropractors since 2012. Marques is able to quickly adapt and apply various techniques seamlessly into his scope of knowledge in dealing with numerous structural dysfunctional issues that are highly effective for our patients. He can assess and treat soft tissue problems while at the same time educating the patient to provide them with an understanding of how the dysfunction has been established, as well as helping each individual learn measures of self-care that can reduce and help ameliorate their specific behaviors that cause a negative adaptive condition.

Working in conjunction with Dr. Paris and the other therapists, he is happy to have joined our team and has quickly become an integral part of Whole Family Chiropractors. Marques’ ultimate goal is to help facilitate a rebalancing of the musculoskeletal system, educate the people he treats so that they are equipped with a better knowledge of self-care to prevent structural abnormalities, and doing so in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and professional. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for Massage therapy, call or email us!

Marques Johns, LMT

Casey Gandy

The RejuvaWell Whole Family team is growing and we are thrilled to introduce our new Director of Outreach. Casey brings extensive experience in sales and marketing and has worked with many specialties including chiropractic, orthopedic, pain management, and primary care. Casey is no stranger to the Whole Family team. Before coming aboard, she provided invaluable DME services and products for us since 2013, and shortly after became a patient. So she has known us all for many years.

Got a great idea for us? Ask for Casey! She is a doer who can make things happen. Whether it’s a philanthropic, community-centric idea, or even a suggestion for service, music or fun; this outreach director is reachable! You can always reach her at:


We are excited to have her infectious smile, personality, and work ethic as part of the RejuvaWell Whole Family family. Born and raised in San Antonio, Casey is proud to call Austin home for the last 10 years. The city suits her active lifestyle and love of live music. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, cooking, wine tastings, hanging out with friends, family, and rescue kitty, Marlon Brando.

Max and Margo

Max and Margo are Dr. Paris’ kids. They have been adjusted since birth and have also been helping their mother for many years. Currently, they both pass out fliers, sort mail, model exercises for video and listen to Dr. Paris talk about various business issues and physical conditions. They have very good insights and are learning many things about being a chiropractor and running a business. A few times a week they make dinner and have it ready for Mom when she comes home from work.


Max is 14 and in the 8th grade. His extracurricular interests include video editing, basketball and accumulating shoes. Max actively works in the office by editing video and photos, suggesting Facebook copy and coming up with ideas to make patients more comfortable; researching colored water cups, creating music playlists, suggesting toys for kids. His other passions include clothing and shoes. (No idea where he got that.) Margo is 11 and in 6th grade. She has been actively learning Quickbooks and helping upload and download transactions as well as reconciling the monthly financial reports. Soon she will be managing the accounting for Whole Family Chiropractors. Margo also helps with playlists and copywriting. She is an exceptional writer of fiction stories and enjoys Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, and clothes.

Max, Margo and Dr. Paris


The Whole Family Chiropractors Team | (512) 505-8500