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Auto Insurance

woops. was that me or you?

whoops. was that me or you?

What is really going on with your auto policy? Who’s in charge here?

Did you know that it is improper for medical practitioners to file to your health insurance for medical treatment as the result of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) If fault of the accident is proven to be someone other than yourself YOUR insurance company may recoup paid medical bills from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

In Texas (and many other states) medical claims are paid under PIP (Personal Injury Protection). In other states medical claims are paid under MedPay. Both coverage types typically come with your insurance policy. In Texas it is a state law that PIP be on your policy. It can only be removed in writing by the primary policy holder and the “Waiver of PIP” or “Rejection” document must remain in your insurance file.

Some people automatically assume that if they already have health care coverage, PIP isn’t necessary, but that might not always be true. Your health insurance has deductibles and limits, and an auto insurance policy with PIP can help you cover your health insurance deductible or pay costs over the limits if you’re hurt in a crash.

Also PIP is more than medical! It covers loss wages, loss of services, and some other incidentals.

Bet you never thought of that! Don’t let your insurance agent talk you out of PIP.  It cost very little to have this protection and it can save you thousands.  PIP is available in several levels, the most common being $2,500, $5,000, $10,000.

Legally your policy cannot be cancelled or increased due to use of PIP unless you file 3 or more PIP/MedPay claims within a 12 month period.  You can file PIP within 3 years of the accident.

Remember “Full Coverage” does not actually equal full coverage.  Find out your terms today!

Question: How soon should you see a chiropractor after ANY* auto collision?
Answer:  As soon as possible, including that same day!

Dr. Paris helps many people who have suffered from motor vehicle accidents and sees the results of her work everyday.  Don’t suffer and don’t assume you’ll shake it off.  Be seen, be treated.  She’ll let you know what you’re dealing with.  We want to care for you so you can care for your family.  Be your best YOU!

*if a major wreck, causing hospitalization, then come as soon as you’re able.