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Dr Paris and Dr Powers may select one or more of several different adjustment techniques including Diversified, Biophysics, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Activator, Drop Table, BEST and/or SOT. All are designed to relieve pain, restore function, promote biomechanical optimization, establish stabilization and encourage function. Read more»


When connective tissue, such as muscle, ligaments or tendons become restricted or scarred, it can result in pain, tenderness, loss of flexibility and motion. It is not unusual to find restriction in one or more parts of the body that are producing pain and dysfunction in another area of the body. This innovative and patented new approach to medicine is an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique that enables us to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. Read more»


Therapeutic massage as a complement to chiropractic facilitates the natural healing process by addressing the musculo-skeletal components from both sides; muscles and skeleton. The therapeutic effects of massage alone include relaxation, improved circulation, diminished muscle pain, improvement of cellular nutrition and relieve from stress and anxiety. Massage increases the effectiveness of chiropractic by aiding the body in preparing for adjustments, promoting free nerve flow, and helping increase circulation. Read more»

Physical Therapy

Physical and physiotherapy have as a goal, like with massage and bodywork therapy, helping chiropractic be more effective and longer lasting. Read more»

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