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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Whole Family Chiropractors

How the Body Changes During Pregnancy

Holding pregnant bellyDuring pregnancy, beginning around week 17, the hormone Relaxin enters a pregnant woman’s system. Relaxin is a hormone that loosens ligaments in preparation for opening the pelvis appropriately for childbirth. Unfortunately, all ligaments are loosened. As a result, they may notice different aches, pains and strains. People often talk about how after pregnancy their feet are a ½ size larger. This is because all the ligaments that hold the 26 bones in the foot, expand and the foot enlarges. Most podiatrists will say that pregnant women should be in an orthotic during pregnancy to help maintain the position of the bones. Yoga should be exercised with caution, because the normal end range of motion is extended beyond the non-pregnancy state, which means that ligaments are being stretched as opposed to muscles.

Once stretched, ligaments do not contract. This is why when you sprain your right ankle, you often repeatedly sprain that same ankle in the future.  The only way to repair ligaments in the past was via surgery. Now we have Prolo Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to help accomplish this. These are injections of either a sugar solution or the patient’s own plasma. Both are regenerative medicine and we can make referrals to the people who perform this service.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Dr. Fisher is trained in the Webster technique, which can correct the position of babies during pregnancy. Most patients during pregnancy are not on a specific treatment plan, but rather, come into the office when they notice pain or dysfunction. Towards the tail end of pregnancy, chiropractic often provides significant relief, but it only lasts temporarily. There are a number of trigger points that may help stimulate labor. Learn more about chiropractic care during pregnancy by reading this article by Mom Loves Best.

Beyond Birth

The good news is that the postpartum period allows for giant strides to be accomplished!

The months 2-5 postpartum, we call the ‘Magic Period’. It is the only time when ligaments actually contract naturally as Relaxin leaves the system. This means that many long-standing structural issues have an unusual opportunity to be addressed and corrected. We know it’s sometimes challenging to leave the house during this time, but our staff is always happy to watch the babies while the Mom’s take care of themselves. There is likely no greater opportunity to improve curves and structural biomechanics than during this time.

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