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Cryotherapy at Whole Family Chiropractors

Cryotherapy machineIt’s long been understood that cold can help reduce inflammation in damaged tissues and speed up healing. Cryotherapy is a specific type of targeted cold therapy that is highly effective for many types of injuries. At Whole Family Chiropractors, we offer the Frozen C cryotherapy technology for our patients with sports, automobile and other types of injuries.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Frozen C cryotherapy uses a wand that emits extremely cold ( 0° Celsius) carbon dioxide (CO2) to the affected area. It helps speed healing in two ways:

First, the very low temperature triggers the body to send extra blood to that area. Increased blood flow brings healing nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissue.

Second, the CO2 can penetrate deep into the tissues, where it creates what is known as the Bohr Effect—the increased carbon dioxide triggers the blood to release oxygen into the tissues most in need of it. Damaged tissues need extra oxygen to heal, so cryotherapy helps create an environment where the tissues receive greater oxygen.

Safe and Effective

Frozen C is FDA approved and proven effective for muscle and joint pain, muscle spasm and injury recovery. Many of our patients have gotten excellent results with Frozen C cryotherapy. Some common injuries it is helpful for include

  • Disc herniations
  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tendonitis
  • Whiplash

Dr. Fisher had chronic tendonitis in her elbow, and it wasn’t getting better. She tried the Frozen C therapy one time, and the pain was gone—and stayed gone! That’s when she decided to offer cryotherapy for our patients.

Although cryotherapy does not help with all types of injuries, most people feel relief immediately.

Holistic Care

When you come in for care, Dr. Fisher will conduct a thorough examination and diagnostic testing to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms or dysfunction. Along with chiropractic adjustments and other healing therapies, she may recommend cryotherapy to help you achieve the best results possible.

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