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Who We Help at Whole Family Chiropractors

At Whole Family Chiropractors, all members of the family are welcome to benefit from our natural approach to health care. From babies to seniors, we enjoy working with everyone who is seeking to live a healthier life. We see many different types of patients:

The Athlete

Musicians, golfers, acrobats, rowers, dancers and more, whether amateur or professional, can reach optimum function and work towards avoiding injury. Several techniques are used which can be helpful for those performing specific functions with their body that aren’t always symmetrical (think of a dentist or hygienist).

The Dancer

Specific stretches and exercises that require certain postures or that keep your feet working are emphasized while balancing out the symmetry in your body. We find that the dancers who seek our help can dance for longer periods with increased mobility and function.

The Grandparents

Dr. Fisher is committed to keeping bodies moving as they age. Consistent movement in a joint protects it from fusing—a major cause of the serious physical restrictions that can come with age. While forceful adjusting can be painful on older (and younger) patients, Dr. Fisher performs several low- and non-force, comfortable techniques that are extremely effective and allow aging bodies to move more freely. Whole Family Chiropractors accepts most Medicare policies as well as most major insurance.

The Kids

It’s true that not all kids necessarily need chiropractic care regularly. Children who run and play, get plenty of sleep, play sports and don’t carry heavy backpacks are probably as full of good health as they seem. But chiropractic has been shown to be highly effective adjunctive therapy for some allergies, asthma, sports injuries, ear infections and even growing pains. While not actually treating an ear infection, for example, chiropractic facilitates the bodies own healing processes. We also perform Austin ISD school sports participation physicals. Of course we also perform scoliosis screening.

The Office Potato

Many of us have jobs requiring hours of sitting before a computer, often complemented by hobbies that involve more sitting such as surfing the internet or watching television. Inactivity can cause nearly as much strain on the body as overuse, yet we often overlook the problems caused by today’s increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Simple movement is critical for a healthy and physically comfortable life. We’re dedicated to helping you by adding passive movement to your day that will lubricate the joints and tone and stretch the muscles. We will never judge lifestyle or try to impose change where you don’t want it. Let us help you feel the best, whatever lifestyle you lead!

The Soccer Parent

As a mother, Dr. Fisher understands the specific physical demands of having kids; from car seats to soccer. Studies have shown that more than 99% of moms carry their young children on their left hip, a biological adaptation researchers believe, that places the heart of the mother close to that of the child. But this can also lead to spinal strain, asymmetrical muscle development, pain and physical limitations. We use techniques to address the stresses of daily parenting tasks and help you approach parenting as a specific exercise requiring conditioning.

The Pregnant Woman

During pregnancy, beginning around week 17, the hormone Relaxin enters a pregnant woman’s system. Relaxin is a hormone that loosens ligaments in preparation for opening the pelvis appropriately for childbirth. Unfortunately, all ligaments are loosened. As a result, they may notice different aches, pains and strains.

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