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Whole Family Chiropractors Mission Statement

Holding paperdoll cutoutsWhole Family Chiropractors opened in the Mueller development in Austin, Texas in November 2009 when the office was surrounded by mostly fields. The neighborhood has grown and so has Whole Family! Beginning with no patients, no contacts but a big vision, the team has organically grown to a staff of 11.

Our mission is to provide boutique custom chiropractic treatment to the whole family, with amazing customer service.

Like the airlines say, we know you have a choice, and we are honored that you have chosen us. Our doctor and clinical massage therapists work together and discuss each case to ensure comprehensive care and a shared knowledge base. Sometimes we fall short of our goal, but we are consistently striving to be better each day.

Serving With Additional Medical Specialities

Working in concert with highly trained specialists to address choices and solutions in aging that integrate both health and wellness with aesthetics, we can now integrate with a multitude of medical specialties. The idea that anti-aging and Functional & Integrative medicine are independent and separate disciplines runs counter to everything we know about overall health. The field of medicine is changing rapidly and we have joined forces with Laurette Smith, MD to offer an array of services geared towards creating a nexus between internal and external concerns.

Get Started Today

Feel free to contact us for more information. We will be offering significant discounts to early adopters in exchange for meaningful feedback on our office systems and processes. It takes time to build Rome, and we are constructing not just a country, but a new continent.


Whole Family Chiropractors Mission Statement | (512) 505-8500