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Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Mueller

From the Very Beginning, Chiropractic Can Help

Little girl embracing her dog. We take caring for kids very seriously. From newborn and on, Dr. Paris and Dr. Fisher evaluate and adjust kids. They both have children who have been adjusted since birth. Many common pediatric maladies appear to be positively impacted.

Pediatricians and parents send kids in when they have torticollis, ear infections, digestive issues, ADHD and other seemingly non-chiropractic issues. While treating these conditions is not directly in our scope of practice, we are simply looking for abnormal function and adjusting (very lightly and not how we do with adults) affected segments. Literature regarding chiropractic can be found on the website for the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA)ICPA – Public Wellness Education and Chiropractic Research.

An Optimal Childhood

The birthing process itself is stressful on the newborn and it is not uncommon for babies to be checked as soon as a parent can get out of the house and bring them. The interesting piece about adjusting children periodically from age 3 on, is that after getting one or two adjustments, they often can tell exactly when they need a treatment. Almost every day someone brings their child in who told them, “I need to go to Dr. Paris”. Sometimes it’s a fall or a sporting injury that prompts them to ask, but often it is just kids tumbling around like kids.

When children have the experience of knowing what is optimal, they often know when their bodies need help. Kids are naturally in-tune with how movement should feel, more so than adults, and fostering that awareness helps them remain connected to how their body should feel.

Dr. Paris’s kids are now 11 and 14. As they experience growing, and growing pains, they most often ask for their ankles to be adjusted. It makes sense; they are growing and the forces upon their feet are constantly changing. Their awareness of biomechanics in walking and running has them asking for correction.

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